Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weeeeee!!!!! A Wii For MD!!!

Hubby told me to find a best deal of Wii today. It only means that he is going to buy our son a Wii game that he's been bugging us to get one. I am so happy that hubby thinks our son deserves to have a new toy that he's been wishing to have. I can't wait to wrap the presents for my son and of course for the whole family. I actually didn't buy anything for my family yet but i will soon, maybe next week. I was gonna plan to go out with just my little one while my oldest son is at school and while daddy is at work so i can have my own time to shop. But since the road is so slippery due to the thick snow, then i just decided to wait.
I know for sure that our son will be so happy soon as he'll find out what he's getting this coming Christmas. We are still looking around where should we buy the game gadget though but for sure Daddy and I will get it for him, plus the games of course. I am so surprised that the gadget itself is affordable, it's the games that are more expensive to buy. Oh well, we'll just get him those sale ones, he doesn't really care for it for he's more into Mario games which is the on sale game.

And for our little one, we might just get him big trucks or maybe a school bus or something. We bought our oldest son a big truck full of small cars inside it last year and it was just a mess, they scatter all the toys every corner of the house and that made us think that it is not a good idea to buy them small toys. So this year, we'll give them those more fun toys and easy to pick up when they're done playing with it.

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