Monday, December 13, 2010

A Visit with Santa

Thanks to Olga Quinn

Children desire one thing most at this time of year and that is to see Santa. They know that on December 25, he will be delivering toys and other goodies to children all over the world. They want to let him know what they most want for Christmas as a guarantee of getting it.

If you want to take your child to see Santa, you could go to most larger department stores where they may have a display in the toy section or most major shopping malls will have an entire North Pole like area set up. Children will be able to sit on Santa's lap and relay their most important wish list. Photos can be taken (usually by one of Santa's helper elves) for you to keep for years to come.

Many families will try to make a family trip out of going to visit with Santa. Sisters, brothers, Aunts and Uncles all pile into the family car or van, set the home security alarm (check it out) and hike over to the mall for the little ones to see Santa. Most children love to see him, but, there are the occasional terrified child who will inevitably come out with a photo of his crying.

Of course, you could take a trip to the North Pole, Alaska, that is, to visit the real Santa. He lives up there all year long making toys and preparing for the big day. You may even get to see him as he rides his sleigh through the town with all of his reindeer pulling him along.

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