Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quality Family Time

Guest post written by Gid Cornatzer

Christmas time has always been special for my wife Susan and me. For us, Christmas means that our children will come back home and we'll get to spend some quality time with them. We set up our Christmas dinner like a holiday party when the kids come backÉit's always a very social time for usÑin fact, I'm pretty sure there's never a quiet moment! We have four wonderful children and they are all living in different locations. It's hard for Susan and me to get out and see them all, so we often have to wait until a day when everyone can come to the same location.

Our oldest son lives in North Dakota. Our daughters live in Virginia and South Carolina, and our youngest recently moved to Massachusetts. Before they all arrive, Susan and I are going to take a trip downtown so that I can get a new MiracleEar hearing aid. We don't get to see our kids all the time, and I want to make sure that I really get the most out of our visit. We can't wait to see everyone.

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