Monday, December 13, 2010

A Kindle book cover

Guest post written by Louise Parsons

It's funny how people don't seem to read as much as they used to, or I guess now you don't see as many people reading traditional books as in the past. Now I'm seeing more and more people reading from e-readers out and about. This year for my Christmas, I already ordered and wrapped up an e-reader for myself. I wanted to make sure that I'd get the present that I really wanted.

For fun, I decided that I would also work on making my very own case for my Kindle since I've already used all that money for the actual e-reader itself. When I was looking online to try and find some ideas for DIY Kindle covers, I came across some Clear Internet packages and actually ended up ordering one of them for my home internet service.

The idea that I liked the most was taking the cover of an old book and making a Kindle book case out of it. I thought this also might be smart to have because people may not realize it's a Kindle and be less tempted to steal it.

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