Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Boy's Wish Came True

Guess who's got the most special presents from dear Santa aside from mommy??? My young man's ever wish that came true, his Wii machine with some other things that Daddy bought for him. It wasn't the one he opened it first, he was so happy when he woke up and went to check the Christmas tree and he exclaimed that Santa indeed came to drop off his presents. He woke all us up for us to get start opening all the presents we had under our tree. As we already expected it, we knew what's gonna happen, he was so overjoyed when he figured out soon as he opened his one biggest presents and shouted so loud that Santa gave his ever dreamed Wii for Christmas!

And he said that Santa is real for he ate the cookies and the milk we saved for him on top of the coffee table (Daddy and i ate it and we shared the milk, shhhh). We are so happy as well to see how happy our son was, he deserved to have it for he's been a good boy and been doing so great in school. As you can see, his face expression is so priceless!!! He kissed the box and thanked Santa for giving him his ever wished presents.

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