Friday, December 3, 2010

Separate Grocery Lists

I wonder how the most of the mothers make their grocery lists. Do you have to separate the basic needs such as shampoos, conditioners, soap and etc from your food groceries? If you'll ask me the same question, then my answer is, yes. The grocery store we have which is just two or three blocks away from our house has everything we need. But the hygiene products are a little more expensive than the other other store, so that's why we have to go to the other store to get them.
It's very convenient that the store is just a walking distance from where we live. I used to just push the big stroller of my oldest son that has a big compartment under his seat where i put all the groceries i that i buy. That way, i don't have to worry parking my car and putting my son to his car seat and buckle him up. Now, that i have two boys, i kind of stop doing it. Especially when it's winter, i have no choice but to get them into the car and drag them along with me inside the grocery store.
Anyway, as i was saying about the grocery list. I don't really make a grocery list before. I only try to memorize all the things that we need here in the house. But since i am noticing that my memory isn't that sharp anymore like it used to be, i am now starting to make my grocery list whenever we go grocery shopping. I separate the hygiene products that we need from the food groceries. I sometimes missed some things though, because i keep on forgetting things, but good thing that i don't forget a whole lot of things now since i started making grocery list before going to the store because back then, i often come back home and get upset to myself for not getting all the things that we need (thanks to my poor memory), and will have to do another trip to the store which is so tiring knowing i have two kids that i have no choice but to drag them along with me.

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