Friday, December 10, 2010

Hubby's Presents From Me

There are lots of things in my mind right now of what should i give to my dear husband. The very first thing that i thought it would be a nice gift for him is the vacuum cleaner, why? It's because first, the vacuum we have here is a little broken, the recliner button doesn't work anymore like it's supposed to, and secondly, it gotten old already, it sure needs replacement for i can see that our vacuum cleaner is about to retire soon. I want to buy a new vacuum cleaner for hubby because he likes to clean our carpet almost everyday. His reason, it's because we have a little one here that can easily find small things on the floor and puts it in his mouth. I see that as a good reason why hubby cleans the carpet everyday soon after he gets home from work.
Well anyway, the rest of things that's in my mind right now will be remain in my mind. I am not gonna say it for now it's because i was just planning about it for i only have limited budget lol! And if i can't buy it, at least i did not brag about it yet, so i am just playing safe here lol! Hubby already told me what is he going to give me this Christmas, but since he keeps on telling me how tight our budget is right now, then i just told myself not to expect about it too much so i don't have to get too emotional if in case hubby won't be able to buy it for me. Oh well, there are still plenty of time, everyday is Christmas for us anyway, because for us as couple, we are blessed everyday.

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