Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Young Man

My five year old young man
This young man in the picture above is very much happy, you wanna know why? It's simply because he can't wait for the Christmas day to come, that's what he said so he can open all his presents under the tree. He's been counting the days and he is excited waking up everyday. He told me that every day that passes by makes the Christmas day comes close. I can just tell how happy he is and how anxious he is to open his presents, especially when Daddy and i told him about Santa that he will be visiting here in our house on Christmas eve and drop their presents off with his little brother.

He asked me if he can just wait for Santa to come so he can say hello. But we told him that Santa don't really wanna be seen by kids dropping off his presents for them, he prefer the kids to go to sleep so he can sneak in the house so quietly lol! Daddy and Mommy got the presents that he's been wishing for this year and we are just so sure that we will be seeing a popping eyes and a big O lips of our young man.

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