Saturday, February 20, 2010

It Sure Was A Blast!!!

I really had a blast last night with my dearest friend. We went to a casino place and had so much fun doing a lot of things in there, including gambling. I lost 20 dollars but it's worth it since it was my first being to that kind of place and the memories that i just had is priceless! Sure is fun being with a cool friend and always game to whatever i come up to. Our weekend is really great, the fun night is unforgettable! It made me think while i was there that i need to take my husband there soon. Well, it is not just to gamble but to eat their very sumptuous buffet seafood dinner. That was a really delicious dinner not to mention it is included to the transportation we just hired to get there.

It isn't really bad at all to be out and have fun once in awhile since stress is always there to make us irritated and hot tempered. It was a good outing last night because i was able to experienced different kinds of things that i have never done ever since in my whole entire life! But anyway, i thought playing casino roulette is scary, but i find it very fun and exciting. Just make sure though you know how to control your money when it comes to gambling. My limit last night was 20 dollars and that was all that i played, no more. I have to remember that website that is being printed to those slots i have had played. I am so glad hubby let me go out with my friend to unwind.

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