Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Small But Happy Family

When i gave birth to my second child, i was so depressed for losing her. I really thought i am not going to have another one because i was so scared that if i get pregnant again, i might lose the baby again. I have had a lot of things in my mind, confusions, fears, guilty feeling and lots of questions that some of them aren't answered yet. But when i got pregnant with my third baby unintentionally (long story), i had mix emotions, happy, excited, anxious and scared. I was so scared because it always reminds me of what happened to my second child, i was scared because i might not make it and won't be able to take the pain like what i have gone through to my second baby.
But anyway, when i delivered my third child, it all turned out good on him. He came out as a very healthy boy, weighed 9.3 lbs and measured 21 inches long. Quite a huge baby for a tiny mother that only measured 4'11. And now that i am fixed, both hubby and i decided with this matter for my health reason, i am very happy having two boys in my life, they are quite a handful to me and i could not ask for anything more. I am truly blessed by having them and given the chance to experience to be a mother to them. Some women has difficulties bearing a child and i felt so lucky that GOD gave me these two adorable boys in my life. And of course i am very happy and lucky having my husband too for giving me our boys. I love my small but very happy family, they are my source of strength, the will to keep on going and to fight any problems in life, they made me more tougher and stronger person.

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Emzkie said...

hi Darl! nice kaau ni na portrait ninyo. nindot ibutang sa wall. =)