Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Need To Relax

I just hate winter cold!!! Anyone agree with me? It's simply because, i don't get sweat and i have to wrap myself up every time i go outside, or even if i am just here inside the house. I am a summer person, i love to be out all the time wearing those skin revealing kind of clothing. I was born and raised in a tropical country that's why i am used to it. My body is already adjusted to this freezing weather of America though but i won't still trade the cool and summer weather in my beloved country.

This freezing cold country reminds me when i was working in a spa when i was still there back home. That would be good to have here enable for me to get sweat and keep my body healthy. According to the journal i read, to get sweat is healthy because you are going to release some extra water in your body and helps maintain your good cholesterol. The infrared saunas would be perfect to have in this country. I haven't find one yet but i will make sure i will look for a nice spa here where i can relax and have my beauty rest. And oh! I would love to take my best friend with me as our friendship bonding, isn't that cool? I bet she will get excited if i tell her.

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