Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Time For A New Look

I am really anxious to replace all of my website's layout including this site. I have my personal reasons why. And that remains to be untold since i don't want anyone to get involved with it. So many things have had happened and i don't want anyone to say something that may rise arguments. But all i want to do right now is to replace all the layouts i have in my websites. Besides, i have had this for a long time already and i am thinking that it is time to change and to have a new look to all of my websites.

I have been making money through my websites and these websites deserves to have a new look. I already replaced the other one and totally replaced everything in it. From the title and the layout and also i updated it. I deleted all those bloggers that are inactive and even those active that are not adding my websites to theirs. I will try to keep track to those who wanted to exchange links with me as possible as i can. I just hope that before March will end, all of my websites are already dressed new and more classy look kind of layout. I am getting bored looking at my website with so bold colors and bold styles.

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