Monday, February 8, 2010

Pond In The Backyard

I have been dreaming to have a little bit nicer house than what we have now. Well, i guess i am not asking too much though, because where we live right now has a nice and a big backyard. Since that hubby already had this house when i came here, it's a bit sad for us to leave this house, so i am assuming that we are going to stay this house for long time. How long? That i don't know. But anyway, i mentioned it to hubby that i have seen some houses that has little ponds in their backyard and i like that idea having a pond in the backyard. He agreed with me and thinking that we are going to make one in our backyard. That made me excited though because it really is nice to have one since our backyard is wide enough to have a little pond. Hubby also said that a pond needs a pond filters to keep it clean and clear.

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