Thursday, February 25, 2010

Can't Think Of Anything

Did you ever feel sometimes that you wanted to eat something that you can't never have because you don't have it and you cannot just easily buy it on the regular grocery store? Well, i do. I was raised to eat a total different kind of food compare to what i eat here in America now. I am so sure that fellow filipinas who is living abroad like me can fully understand and relate to what i am saying. I am just getting tired eating these frozen dinners that they have here. I cook too but it's just too much for me to eat meat almost everyday, whether steak, chicken, or pork every other day. I wanted to eat fish but all they have here is frozen since you cannot find an ocean nearby here. We are located in the middle of norther America which we only have lakes and ponds.

Eating the same food almost everyday can make my stomach upset. I really can't eat meat one month in a row. Well, yeah we do eat vegetables as well but i am looking for the food that i used to eat there in Philippines. Do i sound like i am craving? Yes, i am craving for those food and wishing i have those food in my plate right now. I so miss the fresh fish with soup (tinolang isda) and some other food that i have not eaten here. Soon as i go back there, i have to make sure that i eat all the food that i cannot just simply eat here and find it in the grocery store or to any seafood restaurants...

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