Thursday, February 18, 2010

Flashing Back Memories

I was just browsing some website and happen to remember that i have an old account in shutterfly that is never been opened for a long long time. So i decided to open it and retrieved it by creating the new password to it. It made me smile when i saw all those photos that's being stored in there. My oldest boy was just a year old and the memory started to flash back into my mind. I didn't realized that my baby then is now growing up! He is going to turn five years old soon and i just cannot believe it. Seems like he was just a little baby yesterday. Where did those years go then? I was just amazed to myself realizing that i already gave birth three times. But look at this photo of my son when he was just a year old. This was taken at the wedding reception of his cousin. Isn't he so cute? I so miss him when he was just a small as this in the picture.

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