Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Need To Prepare Everything

Yay!!! I am getting so excited here although there is still four months to go. Wanna know what i am talking about? I am going home!!!! And the good thing about it is i get to meet my friend again that i have not seen for a long time! This is really gonna be an exciting vacation for me. She has two kids of her own too and they are both girls, mine are boys. But anyway, i need to get things ready before i run out of time since four months is not really a long time to wait. I have to prepare everything so that i won't forget every thing that i wanted to bring with me. Of course i am going to take my camera so i can try it there where i can find best scenic views that i can capture. I might just leave my laptop here but we'll see if i will decide to bring it as well. Also my kids needs, especially the little one, i should not forget to put the uppababy vista in the trunk of the car so it will be easier for me to travel pushing him instead of carrying him. He is a quite heavy boy for mommy and it's gonna be a lot more convenient for me if i just have his stroller and push him around at the airport just like what i did when i flew there two years ago with his big brother.

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