Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Infant Travel Bed

Did i mention it before that we are supposed to go for a trip last Christmas? But since hubby bought me the very expensive professional camera as his Christmas presents for me, we didn't do the trip plan. Besides, we have a lot of things that we need for our dear little one so he will be comfortable during the long trip. Hubby and i both love to travel and that is one interests that we both really enjoy together. But we are a little concerned about our little baby regarding to his comforts during our trip. We go long trips, we like to hop from one state to another. Just like what we did last Christmas 2008, our trip took us 2 weeks to get there in Florida and back.

Anyway, i am thinking that i am going to buy our little one an infant travel bed so that we can assure that we are not going to have problem where he sleep. As you all know that hotels doesn't really have a special place for infants. And because of that, we have to make sure that our baby has his own place to sleep. This is really a great idea and a thing for us that we must have so in case we are going to plan for another trip, we won't worry about our little baby too much because we can just bring along his travel bed with us and he is set to go. So if you have an infant like us and you love to travel as well, i am sure you will assure that your infants comforts is being met.

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