Sunday, February 21, 2010

Had Fun But Sick

I still feel miserable until now, i am very sick and can't even stay very long in front of my computer. I get dizzy and drowsy. I felt worse after i went to Nevada the other night. But i can't complain, it was a blast for me. I really had fun time with my dear friend. And now i am suffering from dry cough and a runny nose. I felt so awful and no one will be put into blame but myself. I just hope that i will get better so soon because it is hard to get sick when you have kids to take care of. In times like this, i always wish that i am with my dear mother so at least she can give me her tender loving care.
But anyway, i just want to share you this picture i have taken last friday night during our night out with my friend at Wendover, Nevada. We went to Montego Bay and had so much fun, we gambled but not too much, i lost 20 dollars and that was it lol! I am not really fond of gambling since i don't like wasting money for taking risk. It was just mainly for fun and that's it. Some people is taking the gambling seriously but not me since i don't really know a whole lot of stuff about gambling. In fact, i really don't know what i was doing the first time i pushed the button of the slot machine, maybe that's why i lost lol!

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dodong flores said...

Hi, Darlene. You look so sexy in your outfit :D