Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It Hurts and Annoying

I have had this canker for few days now, it hurts and it annoys me. Few weeks ago it was my son who had this and good thing it healed now because i hate seeing him suffering from his canker, he cannot eat well because it hurts him so bad. I even whines myself, how much more my son? Canker surely sucks, it's no fun at all and the worst thing about it is when i eat, i can bite it whenever i chew the food. I tried the gargle thing so it will ease the hurt but i think nothing happened. I just hope that i'll get better soon because we are going to Wendover, a city 4 driving hours away from here. We are going to have some fun in there and it is no fun if i have this annoying and hurtful canker.

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