Friday, February 12, 2010

Beautiful Mother

My mother is one very simple woman. She is not the type of person that always has make up on her face. She prefers to look so simple than putting colors on her face. She is one strict woman when it comes to her skin health. She's been telling me that make up can make you old fast, especially when putting make up and not washing it afterwards. She did a great job maintaining her beauty that i wish i have. I must have got my look from my father because my mother and i don't look a like at all, not even close. And now she is even more beautiful, she has been using anti wrinkle crème and she is even look younger to her age. That's why a lot of men are trying to flirt with her but she keep on ignoring them haha, she said that she doesn't want to deal anymore headaches, she already gone through all that with our late father.

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