Saturday, February 6, 2010

Photography Is Not Easy

Just barely got back from my photography class. I really thought that learning the photography is just a snap of my fingers and that will be it. But i failed. Photography is a little bit complicated for me especially to the settings. Enable for me to get the good, sharp and crisp images, i have to learn all the techniques and tips how to get the good angle and how to set my camera in a certain way. Like for example for a daylight photos, i have to set the camera to the lowest ISO so i can get the sharp image and not totally white. There a lot of things that the speaker talked about in the class i am currently attending.

He showed some of his photographs and it just amazed me how he did all those shots. He told me that he didn't learned everything about photography in just one day, he learned it by experience and by situation. Some photographers told me that they learn things in photography accidentally and it turned out good. I really am fond of photography and i am just hoping that i will learn more about this field and will be able to take some snaps just like what the professional photographers have to their portfolio.

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