Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Forgot!

I forgot to bring the papers for our home insurance to bring it to the office where it's only a block away from my son's school. I am really forgetful lately, i am not sure if this is because i have had so many surgeries that i undergone or it's simply because i am getting old? lol! But anyway, since i am going to pick up my son later today, i have to make sure that i will bring the papers because hubby asked me to do this today, he told me that the office will be closing early in the afternoon. I will send it there to the office and will do the other errands afterwards. I also got something to mail, and i need to do it today because i don't want it to delay no more, it is over delayed already... I hope i will finish what i must do today, and i hope i will remember everything...

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