Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Financial Aid For Single Moms

I never have the chance to bond with my friend since she is now busy with her studies. She also got kids to raise by herself because she is a single mom. She got divorced for 3 three years now due to her husband can't support her and her kids's needs. And she doesn't want to deal with her ex-husband's laziness anymore that's why she decided not to stick with him anymore. I felt sorry for her really. She is really a hardworking mother and always have positive thoughts to fight the hardships in life even though sometimes she almost wanna give up.

I can understand why she has no time for fun time anymore, if i were on her shoe i would do the same. I would do the first priorities in my life which is my kids. My friend continued her studies because she believes that after she will graduate from her major, she can have a better future and will find a better job that pays much better. Good thing she has some help for financial aid for single moms that she can get. With that, it's a big help for her not to worry about the expenses on her studies.

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