Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Scratching His Head

When i first saw my little baby scratching his head, it did look funny to me. I thought he was scratching his head because it's itchy. But later on i kind of noticed that he has been doing it everyday, especially when he is very very sleepy. He gets cranky, starts to fuss and cry so hard when he's not being picked up and held, then he will start to scratch his head. Hubby noticed it just tonight and asked me if that means anything when he starts to scratch his head. I said it only indicates that he is sleepy and ready for bed or nap. It's funny to see him doing it and i find it very cute to see those little fingers scratching his own head telling me "Mommy, could you please hold me because i am sleepy and i want to sleep in your arms". My baby sure is amusing but sometimes a little bratty for liking to be held all the time.

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