Friday, February 12, 2010

My Super Hopper

My preschooler sure is a handful to me. He is very energetic and can't seem to get rid a lot of energy he has. Which is i am happy to know though because it only indicates that he is one healthy and happy kid. Seeing him playing makes me smile, my heart sings when he say something that amazes me. He sure is a smart boy. I may sound a bragging mother but i am just saying the truth here. In fact, according to his report card, his learning skills level is for first grader.

He already knew how to write, to read books, to do the math and to give meanings to some difficult words. I sure am lucky for being a mother to a smart boy. I just hope he would excel more when he goes to grade school. I just need to assist him with his home work and all the projects that needs to be done. But anyway, i took this shot when my son was playing in our front room, he likes to jump from one end to the other end of the couch. I am glad i was able to capture the perfect moment, take a look!

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