Monday, February 8, 2010

My Ultimate Dream

To continue my studies is my ultimate dream. Although i already have my own family, i am thinking that they won't be the hindrance to pursue my plan. I really love to finish my studies, since i only attained highschool graduate and i am looking forward for the good future if i can just finish my unfinished studies. Since i have two kids to take care of, the best thing that i can do is to get an online degree so i don't have to worry leaving my kids to the baby sitter or to a daycare center. With that, i can continue my studies at home while taking care of my family. And one thing that's advantage of having a degree while at home is i don't have get dressed and hop in the car everyday just to get to the school and back. Having an online teaching degree nowadays is very convenient especially for a stay home mother like me.

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