Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Settled Problem

We have confirmed that our airline tickets has been cleared to hubby's bank account but there was a little problem to it. They are charging hubby an adult fare for our son, so we called our travel agent to ask if there's a mistake to this one. Good thing she fixed it right away and now she said that the consolidator made a mistake for charging hubby an adult fare to our son instead of child fare. So the travel agent called me just a little while ago telling that it's all gonna be alright. What the consolidator would do is they will refund what they charged to hubby's bank account then they will charge the child fare amount. That's more like though, we are concerned about our son because we are wondering if the airline will recognize him as a child because he's got the adult fare and now i am glad that the travel agent was able to fix the problem.

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