Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More Offers Please!

I got two offers now finally. I was able to grab the two offers that popped out not so long ago and i need more 7 because i am capable to grab 9 offers a day due to i have 3 sites registered to paid post website. I am glad that i got the two of them because i really thought that they are not going to release offers no more. I am still hoping to get some more though, it just that i don't need it so bad but it will be good if i have some extra money when i get home to buy some things while we are back home. So keep coming more offers please? It would be fun if you pour all the offers you got there paid post website! lol!

1 comment:

jennyr said...

murag nibalik imong gana sa blogging ah...that's good! swerte pod ka sa imong SR noh kay daghan modawat sa imong bids. ako cge bid wa man,hahaha!