Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bagel Is Enough

Lately i am loving the bagel as my daily breakfast. It is easy for me to prepare and i love it! I love best the blueberry bagel with strawberry or mixed berries with it as my toppings. I also love to drink hot chocolate in the morning since the weather here is not that warm yet to enjoy. Yesterday we had a crazy kind of weather so i had 3 cups of hot chocolate, one in the morning, one in the lunch and one in the evening. Anyway, i eat heavy lunch though, since i have pinakbet left over from yesterday that would be my big heavy lunch for today. So see yah later guys, will eat some of my favorite breakfast! Want some? Come here! You are welcome to join me.

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Family Paradise said...


hapit na jud ka manganak darl's. Can't wait to see ur princess....guapa gyud na ba liwat sa mama.