Monday, April 7, 2008

New Lappy For Me

I finally got my laptop yesterday, hubby bought it last Saturday and we left it there at the store where we bought it because they have to install some softwares that the laptop needed. I so love my new lappy because it's really thin and very handy. Also i love the brand of it because i knew that it is been in the market for years and this brand is keeping up the good reputation and they build good computers.

Anyway, i also called our internet provider this morning so i can access the wireless internet. The main purpose why hubby bought me this lappy is to keep us intouch while we are there back home and also to continue my blogging there. Since i am making a little money in this blogging hobby of mine, he said that it will be nice if i have my own portable computer to take with me. He is such a loving husband of mine, he is indeed thoughtful and he told me he would do anything for his dear wife.


Lily said...

Hello Darlene, passing by here wishing you a great week.

Kanindot sa imong New Laptop, maayo aron naa kapa ka busihan bisan tua kana sa Pinas. haay kalami na lang nimo sa ka uli ka sa pinas.

Regards na lang ko puhon sa pinas ha. dont forget to update photos of pinas.

Take care enjoy the Tuesday!

Borski and Nai said...

Congratulations on your new lappie.. :D..

texas_sweetie said...

nice lappy,sexy ug sleek lappy..good for u mamu para chat gyapon ta ug naa kas pinas..

Ivy Sterling said...

whoooo ka gwapa sa iyang lappy...liwat sa the color pud gihapon ta ha if naa naka sa pinas.

"Life is a Journey not a Destination" said...

Hehehehehe.........such a cool notebook! You sure will keep in touch with us too, hehehe.

Love it!