Monday, April 7, 2008

Getaway In South

After our trip from back home, and after the baby will be delivered. hubby said that it will be good idea to unwind sometimes so i can go somewhere aside from here in our place. I told him that i want to go in southern part of the country and he agreed that it's an excellent idea to be there since our sister in law is been inviting us to go over to their place. I am very excited for that because our sister in law mentioned that the weather out there is way different from here in north west where we live. She also mentioned that she is loving the place there because there's a lot of place to go to and lots of place where we can stay such as Orlando Hotels.

Since i am very curious and anxious to get there, hubby is planning so many things and looking ahead of our coming trips including this family getaway. I am sure that my family is going to have so much fun out there and so as me. i so love the idea going there especially the one that my sister in law mentioned, in Lake Buena Vista where also there's lots of Lake Buena Vista Hotels where we can stay for couple of days. And this is going to be exciting getaway because our son is going to play with his dear cousins while going to a lot of places where we planned to go to.

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