Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Living Like A Queen

I know sometimes i realize i am a spoiled brat wife to hubby. Like for example this afternoon, he just barely got back from his job and here he is mopping the floor of our kitchen and also this computer room. And he is not even done yet doing his work and i already asked him if he could get me a banana because i want to eat one. So he didn't say anything at all and just got one banana for me and said "Here Honey".

See? Don't you see i am living like a queen? Anyway, i am not like that everyday though, i am just acting like that sometimes if my butt is sticking here in my computer's chair and it is hard for me to get up because i am doing my offers, most of the times i am serving my husband by cooking him delicious food for dinner and pamper him like he deserves to get from me.


Vannie said...

ka sweet ui! suya ko dah!

tagged u darlene!

Anah said...

Darlene aper! Ana pud tawon ko sa a kong bana. Nakalahi ra kay he works from home (MT)- I don't. Mao salig kaayo ba sige ug sugo haha!

Swerte kaayo ta sa atong bana ba. :)


jennyr said...

yeah, the life of a stay at home mom! ugali na gyud ni natu darls,hehehe! katilaw gyud ko ani bah inig magtrabaho na,hehehe! btaw ai, buntis man ka so u have every right to be spoiled!hehehe!

Nancy said...