Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Save The Kids From Addiction

It is really hard to a parent if one of your kids will get involved with bad vices such as alcohol or drug addiction. It is hard for a parent to prevent the kids to get influenced from outside like friends and other people that could possibly encourage the kids to try the bad vices like these. That's why i am talking to my son in a grown up way even though he is too young to understand what i am trying to tell him. Soon in time when is old enough to understand all the reminders i have for him, he will realize that i am looking forward for his best future. I do love my son and i don't want him to be involve with such bad things around him.

Just like my friend's daughter, i felt so sad for her though because she is really a beautiful girl and she's got the sweetest smiles of all. She started to get involved with this bad vices when she turned teenager and her parents are very sad about it. So they took her to Drug Rehab that can help her to make her better and so that she can go back to her normal life. In that place where they took their daughter, they also have Alcohol rehab, a special place to people who got addicted to alcohol. This place is a very helpful assistance especially to those young kids who got involved with this kind of bad influences. They also can provide the Dual Diagnosis rehab which is the best cure of sick people that they can get from them.

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Susie Langston said...

I think as a parent that a childs drug addiction would be extremely devastating and parents need help to find the right drug rehab for their child.