Sunday, November 28, 2010

Arrived Home Safe And Sound

We are so glad that we arrived home safe and sound last night. We thought that we are going to encounter a bad storm but good thing the storm just barely came when we got home. I thanked hubby for the safe trip. He was the one who drove all the way to our destination and back. Our trip coming back home was a little scary for we encountered wild animals on the road few times but luckily we never did hit any one of them.
Our trip was great although we did not actually went to the skywalk i was talking about for i was all so surprised that it was not actually inside the Grand Canyon south rim. When we were about to go inside the Grand Canyon, the cashier lady in the booth told us that it was 200 miles something away from the Grand Canyon and we should go the other way and not the way heading to Grand Canyon. We did not know all that so we just decided that we'll stay in the Grand Canyon since we were there already, might as well. And besides, we are worried of our little one too because he got sick during our trip. Good thing he is all better now. All in all, the trip was really fun, the main thing is, we left and back the house safe and sound. I will share some more pictures later on.

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