Thursday, November 4, 2010

Where's All My Toys Mommy???

That's what i first heard from my son soon as he went inside to his room right after he got home from school. He was all surprised that all his toys are gone! But before i hid all his toys, i already warned him that if he cannot put all his toys away, then i will and he won't be able to see them anymore (just kidding). I am trying to teach my son to keep all his toys in the place where it's supposed to. I already bought him two different colored big buckets so he can put all the toys after he plays them. There were many times that i helped him put his toys in the two big buckets, but then still the toys seems like they have their own lives because they can crawl out from those big buckets i gave him, lol!

Anyway, he cried when i told him that i got rid all of his toys for i cannot stand it anymore keep on picking them up every corner of the house. I have been telling him to put his toys away soon as he is done playing with them. Seems like kids are also forgetful, not just older people, lol! They play one toy and another and then later on they forget to put the other toys away that they played. I am sure it is very normal that all parents experienced what i am babbling about here. That's the kids's nature, to make a mess with everything and don't know how to put things away, especially boys. My son picks up his toys when he sees that i am upset keep on reminding him about his toys.

I will give his toys back though, i just have to let him learn that he should value every toys he has, he's very lucky having so much toys while other kids back in my country same as his age doesn't have as fancy as what he's got here. In fact, i myself never had as much toys as my son has when i was younger. I hid all his toys in the front porch closet where we put our winter coats. I already did this before but he found the toys where i hid it, it was in the basement by the pantry.

I won't get all the toys out, i will just give him the toys he misses the most that he's been bugging to give it back to him. I promised him that i will and i let him promised too that he will take good care of it, or else he will never see it again, never again. I hope he will mind this time, i am just sick and tired of seeing all his toys everywhere in the house, especially those small ones which i often step on those tiny toys during at night and it seriously hurts! So i hope he won't find where i hid all his toys, he's very good on finding things though.... I'll just cross my fingers!!!

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