Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Medium Is A Different Kind Of Crime Show

I appreciate the guest post, Emerson Moses

One of the best crime shows on TV today is Medium. The creators of the show have added a different element with the show's lead character having a psychic ability. Her name is Allison DuBois played by actress Patricia Arquette. Allison works for the district attorney's office in Phoenix, AZ. Those who have been murdered sometimes appear to her or they send her visions of what happened to them.

Medium is interesting in the way they present crimes, it is different than other crime shows. Allison's husband Joe who is played by actor Jake Weber is understanding of his wife's ability and the way it affects his life. Allison and Joe have three daughters who also have her gift, their names are Ariel who is the oldest and has left for college this year, Bridgett is a pre-teen just entering middle school and the youngest is Marie who is in grade school. Allison assists police officer Scanlon in finding who has killed the victims. She also works with the district attorney Manuel Devalos, both men believe in her ability and follow up on the information she is able to provide them with. We always watch Medium on our satellite TV from, it has the best viewing available for us and allows me to record it on our DVR to watch our favorite show whenever we want.

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