Monday, November 29, 2010

Skidding My Car

When i was heading home from taking my son to his school, my car skid and turned to left although i was trying to maneuver it to the right for i was going to turn right. Good thing there was no cars behind me, i could've have an accident if ever. I tried to drive below the speed limit for hubby always tells me to slow down whenever i see the road is icy and slippery. It snowed for the whole two days and that made the road sleek, wet and slushy. That's one thing i hate the most about winter time, is to drive in a slushy road for it is very prone to accident.

And then when i was about to park my car in our driveway, i could not even climb up for there was a lot of ice stuck by the hump of our driveway even though hubby tried to plow most of them already. I have to back up and drove fast by the driveway so the tire will keep on going and not to get stuck again by the hump area. I went outside yesterday tried to help my poor husband plowing the thick snow in our driveway but he insisted that i should just stay inside the house to keep warm. How sweet of him, but i could not just help myself not to feel sorry for hubby when i saw him working so hard to get rid most of the snow by the driveway but since it's so thick, he was not able to finish it. I hardly go outside when it's winter, and if not only that i have to take my son to school everyday, i would never dare go out and drive around for the road is so dangerous.

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