Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Scrubs Is Cool To Wear

When i was just a little girl, i used to dream to be a nurse. But i grew up and finished my high school without any hint of continuing my studies to college due to financial problem. My mother already told me before i graduated in high school that she won't be able to send me to college because she don't have much of that savings to support my studies. Anyway, i did not feel bad though because i became a nurse somehow by taking care of my family's needs.
I was just probably fascinated with those nurses i saw before wearing their medical uniforms and with their white cap holding a tray full of medicines. But i noticed nowadays that nurses aren't wearing white dress anymore, instead they wear more of fashion seal scrubs that it's cool i should say. I like it better that way though. The fashion scrubs are more carefree, unlike the white dress that the nurse has to be more extra careful because aside from it is a skirt, it is obviously white and easy to get dirty. Scrubs is more comfortable to wear compared to old nurses's uniforms long time ago.

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