Thursday, November 4, 2010

Plans In Our Future

Doesn't it makes you excited when you and your spouse talks about things regarding about future? We do that with my husband a lot. We often talk when we go to our bed and have conversation before we sleep. My husband has a lot of things he wants to accomplish next year and me as his wife, i am all out supportive for his plans. He mentioned that kids are growing up and they will be for sure want a bigger space when we go travel. My family loves to travel a lot and that's why hubby is thinking that it will be good if we are going to have a new vehicle which will be a big o truck for us to use it during our trips. That's just one of my husband's plan next year and it got me excited already. He said that soon as we get our truck he should have the 5th wheel warranty for it. I can't believe how time flies and our kids are growing up so fast, it won't be long and we are going to travel with them again not worrying if they will be alright in the back because they will have a good big space in the back for our new big truck.

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bingkee said...

You're doing the right thing....just be consistent and he'll get it and remember it....sometimes kids just need to know Mommy is serious.