Sunday, November 28, 2010

Two Presents For Him On Christmas

When it comes to my family back home, i am really attached to them. I love my mother and siblings so much for they are my treasured gems here in the world aside from my own family. I always have something special for them every holidays and occasions. That reminds me, now that Christmas is fast approaching, i need to start buying things for them. This time, i am not gonna tell them what should i give them for i always end up telling them my presents for them even before i give my presents to them. I guess i can't help my excitement for i know they always love what i give them.
My youngest brother asked me if i can buy him a new style shoes that he likes. I did not say anything that i will buy him one though but it's already in my mind that i will. He won't be expecting me to buy him one pair because i did not say yes to him when he asked me. I will buy him two pairs for i was not able to give him his presents on his birthday. This two white born shoes and this brown born shoes style that i showed you below that i found is just perfect for him for i know what he likes the best. He deserves to have these two though because he did a big favor for me and i want to make him feel and know that what he did for me is being appreciated much by his big sister.

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