Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No New Couch Yet

Hubby bought our couch long time ago even before he knew me. He had it already for so many years and until now it's still surviving with our ROUGHIAN kids. Yup, that's how we call our kids, because they play too rough by jumping in our ripping couches. I have been planning to replace some of the furnitures here in our house but hubby said that we better wait until the kids are grown so we can keep the furniture looking so new still and not ripping off too soon because they jump on it everyday.

I know, kids likes to play a lot and we cannot sometimes stop them, although we try to but later on they will keep on doing it again and again. I told hubby that if we are going to get a new couch, i want the leather one for it is easy for me to clean it, just by spraying it and wiping it. It isn't so hard if the kids spills something on it, unlike the wool kind, it will absorb the liquids that what mostly kids drinks, like milk or juice. I have been looking for the nice couch that i would like to replace to our old beaten poor couch and this is what i found. I got this picture from the store where it is located just few blocks from where we live. I am already excited to replace our ugly couch though, it's just that we are holding off of it due to our kids.

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