Monday, November 29, 2010

Girls Night vs Guys Night

Post contributed by Amanda Alvarez

Every Friday evening, my husband invites a group of friends over to watch the Bruins game on the Direct TV Sports Packages. I always make sure there is bean dip, chips, beer, peanuts and ice ready to be served to the men. The food usually lasts the first quarter, the beer sometimes does not even make it that far. I always end up making an extra trip to the store for another 12 pack or two. I sometimes dread Friday nights and the messes I will be cleaning up early Saturday morning. They can never seem to grasp the concept of cleaning up after themselves, let alone getting trash to the can. I am thinking of turning the table and inviting the ladies over for Desperate Housewives on Mondays. I will give my husband a taste of his own medicine and make him my waiter! Its been a long time since I had a night with my girlfriends and I think this Monday will be my night. A bottle of wine and Chinese food will be just a few of the things we will need to make our night spectacular. Other than that all I will need is my darling husband to cater to our every need.

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