Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Sick Potato

It was a day after we left here in the house when i realized my little one was having a high fever. We were in the middle of our trip and he got sick! I felt so bad because if i have known that before our trip, we would never go and cancel our trip instead. We'll just stay in the house and will try my best to make him better. Hubby said that i am a scout girl for i am always ready for everything. I brought medicine for kids with me just in case they get colds, so i have something with me to give them. And i was right, my little one had a high fever. Good thing after a day his high fever went down, with the help of mommy's tender loving care and wiping him cold water soaked towel.
Sick little one
It just freaks me out whenever one of my kids get sick, or even husby. I don't like whenever someone i loved is getting sick. Especially we were in the middle of our trip and of course if he got worse then we would surely decide to go home instead and not to do the things we were supposed to. But fortunately, he got better right away. I was thinking that he's teething that's probably why made him so hot. He was so reddish when he had his high fever, and it got me so scared thinking about him. Mothers always worry things, don't we all? I would prefer that i get sick myself than seeing my kids getting sick, especially the little one since he cannot tell me what hurts him. He is all well now, the fever is gone but he's still got the cough and runny nose, but the big thing was the high fever that sure scared the heck out of me.


bingkee said...

Your child is so cute, and such a beautiful baby...nagmana sa inahan...hehehe and you did a pretty good job in photographing him.

Utah Mommy said...

Thank you so much miss Bingkee, for the nice compliments.... Praktis praktis pa tawn sa camera hihi :)