Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Little Renovation In Our Kitchen

When it comes to house renovation, we just all worry for the cost don't we? Same as we do, but we have no choice but to replace some things here in the house for it has been long time since we were using it. Just like our stainless steel kitchen sink. It really needs replacement now because the drain part is looking so ugly now, no matter how i tried cleaning it but the coat of the steel faded already so that's what it makes so ugly looking.
Also we need to get a butcher block countertop for me, since i do the cooking in the kitchen, i want to have a separate countertop where i can prepare the food like for example, slicing some vegetables and meat. Right now i am just doing my cutting and slicing on top of the counter next to our kitchen sink and although it's alright but i wanted to have more space, that's why i told hubby to buy me a separate one so i can just easily move around.
While browsing those things that we need to get, i saw an adirondack chair that is just perfect for our backyard. I love the rocking one because it reminds me of my grandfather's chair back home. I love to sit on that chair, it was old already though but that rocking chair has a lot of memories. It's so calming when you sit to a chair while it rocks, it feels like you are riding into something though you are stuck in one place. I can't wait to purchase all those things so out kitchen will be looking so nice once again and i can use the rocking chair in the backyard.

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