Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No more I'm Done Mommy!!!

My oldest one started his potty training when he was three years old. He tells me whenever he wants to go bathroom and calls me once he is done. The situation is been like that for about two years. He can go pee by himself no problem, but when he goes to the bathroom, he cannot clean in his little rear soon as he's done.

It was just recently when he told me he is going to the bathroom again and he will call me soon as he is done. So i just nodded and waited for him to finish. He called me alright but he told me that he will try to clean his rear himself to see if he can do it. He told me that he is getting big and he should be the one doing it instead of me. My son sure is growing and maturing. I noticed that he's starting to feel embarrassed although i am his mother. He is five years old now, time flies and went by so fast. I checked him after he got out and he did a pretty good job! He cleaned his own little rear without mommy's help!!! From now on, i won't hear "I'm done Mommy!!!" anymore. He already went to the bathroom three times without him calling me and i am so proud of him.

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