Friday, November 12, 2010

Menstrual Period Cramps

Do you feel the cramps soon as your menstrual period comes? When i was still single, i always feel the cramps, there were even times that i can hardly get up because of too much pain. There were lots of times too that i fainted due to the unbearable pain. I was just so surprised that after i had my first baby, when my menstrual period came, i did not feel such a thing anymore. Some women said that you won't feel the menstrual cramps anymore after birth. I kind of somehow believe that, because it happened to me now. I maybe still moody and grumpy during my period, like mostly women are, but the cramps is all gone which i hate the most every month. Now, i feel more relaxed every month, i don't fear for the cramps anymore like i do before. It was just too much to take and it can affect my daily routine...

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