Saturday, October 2, 2010

I Want To Learn More

When i was in the Philippines having my long vacation with the kids, i was not able to use my camera that often. I was very busy exploring places and things. Also i had things going on before hubby went there to get us, so that made my hands kept away from my camera. Hubby said i shouldn't brought my camera there. Oh well, i could not help it, i was suppose to shoot a lot of things but i guess my attention was diverted into something else instead.

Anyway, when we got back here in Utah, i had no other things than keep on shooting again with my kiddos, they are my models and i love taking pictures of them so much. And because of that, i found out something new about my camera feature, i must say that i still need to learn a lot of things from my camera, i still need to do more photography study. I am that familiar of some other things that my camera can do and i am hoping that someone can help me explore it that knows photography so well. I have some friends that offered help though, but i cannot just rely onto them since they also have life of their own, they are quiet busy with their own careers. I am one lazy woman when it comes to reading manuals, i want to learn in actual, like someone teaches me things and show me how to do it. But for now, i guess i have to live with reading manuals since no one can take some time to sit with me and teach me things that i want to learn.

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