Friday, October 8, 2010

I Love My Dress!!!

Yours truly at Mantua Lake
It sure feels good to be beautiful isn't it? But i am not actually saying i am. In this photo i felt so beautiful because of my background. We were able to enjoy the fresh breeze of the lake and were able to enjoy the warm weather still. I really thought we will get back here in Utah with cold weather already, but my guess was wrong which is good thing. I went to this lake with my very dear friend and my five year old son. We stayed there for couple of hours and went home after it got little dark. Also, i love my dress! My hubby bought this for me and he was the one chose it for me, isn't it so pretty? I usually don't wear dress, but this one makes me feel so young, or am i? lol! And hey! The color matched to my blog layout! Don't you see? My husband is very good then picking this dress for me!

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