Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cheap Tanning Lotion

Pinay Complexion
When i stayed for four months in Philippines my skin got even darker. I am not a light skinned girl, i have the brown complexion from the day i was born. A lot of American friends i have told me that they are so jealous of my skin complexion. I don't have to go to tanning salon and spend thousand bucks just to have, i got it naturally already. So they asked me if i can bring them some cheap tanning lotions that i can get there back in my country. I do love my skin, unlike some asians like me that they wanted to get rid of it by going to bleaching salon too. They go there to make their skin lighter, which i don't like. I prefer to have my skin which i am used to rather than being white skinned. I don't understand some people though, the whites likes to be brown, and the brown likes to be white. Which i don't belong to that category because i am completely satisfied of what i am.

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