Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rustic Furniture

Hubby and i talk about getting a new house. We are planning to sell this house later as the kids are growing and they need room each one of them. We do have extra rooms downstairs but i don't think the kids would like to stay there. So, since we were talking about getting a new house, i told hubby that i want to get the furnitures myself. I would love to design my own house since i was not able to do that because this house is already built when i got here. I would love to put a nicer look in our house and get the rustic furniture instead upstairs and it would be nice to have elegant design on downstairs too. So i can stay there very often and if want to relax, i can just have my own space where i can be by myself without being bothered by my kids and hubby too lol!

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